My work, along with several other CCAD faculty members, is included in this exhibition at Ohio Dominican University at the end of the month.

THIS IS | on the subject of art
March 17 – April 12 / 2013
Reception: Sunday / March 17 / 1–3 pm
Wehrle Gallery / Ohio Dominican University

Curated by: Julie Abijanac
Artists exhibited: Shannon Benine, Matthew Flegle, Nicole Gibbs, Michael Goodson, Danielle Julian-Norton, Kelly Malec-Kosak, Andrea Myers, Susan Li O’Connor, Tim Rietenbach, Mariana Smith and Melissa Vogley-Woods

The subject of Art
While subject is often construed as the content or narrative, the works in this exhibition locate art as the subject of the artists’ relationship to themselves/their worlds. Here the artist controls and defines their world. Art becomes the medium of reality. Their relationship to not only their work but also the position they take with their art in the broader world defines the medium, the narrative and the content. The assumptions of materiality, its response to location, time, viewer and identity are upturned. Innocent, real, rough, straddling everyday life, it disrupts, pauses and alters our sense of truth between space and material, layering and deconstructing time and response. In doing so perceptions of landscapes, identity and objects create varying realities of everyday life. Outside influences are interpreted through relationships; art becomes relative to individual perceptions of reality.

– Carla Cesare, PhD



Shannon Benine