My work, along with several other CCAD faculty members, is included in this exhibition at Ohio Dominican University at the end of the month.

THIS IS | on the subject of art
March 17 – April 12 / 2013
Reception: Sunday / March 17 / 1–3 pm
Wehrle Gallery / Ohio Dominican University

Curated by: Julie Abijanac
Artists exhibited: Shannon Benine, Matthew Flegle, Nicole Gibbs, Michael Goodson, Danielle Julian-Norton, Kelly Malec-Kosak, Andrea Myers, Susan Li O’Connor, Tim Rietenbach, Mariana Smith and Melissa Vogley-Woods

As artists, we create objects and images according to the subject(s) we have concerns for, connections to or opinions about. Often the subject matter can range from the soul searching to the light-hearted; subjects can be strangely alien or highly recognizable. These ideas are expressed through analysis, the depth of thinking to the intensity of our practice and, in turn, these influences can impact formal approaches. This cognitive interpretation alongside attentive perception is a vital process to the act of making art, which is expressed and translated in many ways. It dictates the form, which contributes to the overall meaning of the finished piece. The subject matter has an enduring lineage in art history and explores contemporary themes, which then are illustrated and developed. For the viewer, the subject matter provides a balance of broad thinking and critical looking.

– Carla Cesare, PhD



Shannon Benine